The library offers a wide range of services, both in online and traditional in satisfying the informationneeds of the students and faculties, including book borrowing services, electronic information service and document supply services in accordance with the school's and library local rules. Th major aim of the library is to support student's learning and faculties study. 

Service type:  

  • Books check out service
  • Student dormitory library service
  • Open choose reading room
  • Internet reading room

Book funds:  

  • 32890 books in printed format 
  • 6399 books in electronic format 
  • 184 reading place
  • 29 internet reading

The library has the book funds with 38453 books of 17725 types including 6400 electronic books. Also, the library provides 19 kinds of professional journals. The library uses the "E-LIBRARY" software and it consists the following registration information. 

Cytology and code registration, individual book registration and description. 

Reading service and on-line booking service Electronic books. 

Library services are:  

  • Home book borrow service
  • Open choose reading room
  • Research reading room 

The library often borrows the book of professional and literatural and cognitive types to the student, masters and doctorants from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm all working days. In the open choose reading room service, the library provides the open environment to choose from the books with fewer quantities in the funds and the comfortable places to read. 

In the academic reading room service, the library provides the possibility to read the academic articles and master and doctoral dissertations and allows to study. In addition, the readers able to search books in on-line format and to read electronic books from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm in all working days.