Undergraduate programs

 Educational Service

Within the reform of Mongolian higher education in 2014, the structure of the professor’s team of the MUST was transferred to the structure of the professional department and professor’s teams, named “Computer Software”, “Information Technology”, “Computer Hardware” and “Information Security” of Computer Science and Management School, are merged to the School of Information and Communication Technology. Consequently, this school consist of four professional departments named as  Communication, Electronics, Computer Science and Information Technology.

Due to professionals needs in the Information and Information Network security, the Information Network and Security department is newly established in January, 2016. Therefore, the school is educating, conducting research, and social performances with five departments, an education center, and two professor teams. Additionally, Information Communication Technology Training center (ICTTC) offers internationally approved programs such as CISCO certified Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Cisco Certified Network Professtional (CCNP), and Microsoft certified Microsoft Certified Solution Associate (MCSA). Also ICTTC offers Consulting and Professional Engineering Courses and courses in Information Technology, System Administrator, Web programming,

The SICT offers 9 bachelor programs, 3 Collaborative programs, 12 master degree programs, 6 PhD  degree programs. 

Bachelor Program

  • Wireless communication Engineering Technology
  • Telecommunication Engineering Technology
  • Information technology
  • Information system
  • Computer science
  • Software
  • Software of electronic system
  • System security
  • Network technology

Collaborative programs

As a results of the permanent and effective cooperation with the universities of Russia, Korea, China, Germany and India, our SICT implementing 2+2 and 3+1 collaborative programs based on the cooperation agreement between two schools.

  • Telecommunication Engineering Technology /2+2 collaborative program with Information and Communication Technology University  of  Moscow, Russia/
  • Wireless communication Engineering Technology /2+2 collaborative program with  Information  and  Communication  Technology  University  of  Moscow, Russia/
  • Information  system  security  /3+1  collaborative program with Soon Chun Hyang university of Korea/