Head of Laboratory: Lecturer, Department of Electronics, Luubaatar. B

Research field and purposeAn advanced level of research on automatic control systems, image processing and parallel programming

Equipment Specifications, Model:

1. PRECISION Tower 7910 Workstation  
2. GPU: Quadro K4200, Tesla K40, 
3. Jetson TK1 embedded development kit with GPU 
4. 3D Stereo display 27”  
5. Curved display 32”   
6. 3D printer     
7. 3D scanner    
8. Mini quadrotor (with camera)   
9. Professional quadrotor (with camera)  
10. Kinect sensor        
11. DUO 3D development kit  
12. Virtual screen system

Main areas of laboratory research:

  1. Research and experiment on automatic control systems
  2. Research on stabilization of unstable system (inverted pendulum, double inverted pendulum, seesaw, quad copter)
  3. Image processing (stereo vision)
  4. Parallel programming

Experimental studies:

  1. Single propeller based balancing system
  2. Stabilization of double propeller based seesaw
  3. Quadcopter stabilization
  4. Self balancing segway
  5. Inverted pendulum
  6. Double inverted pendulum
  7. Stereo vision system

The importance of the laboratory: Main purpose of this laboratory is to provide researchers with environment and facilities to complete their research works. The laboratory focuses on expanding knowledge and skills in the area of computer vision, control system, parallel programming.

Laboratory location: SICT 6-309, MUST.