(Bachelor degree)


  1. Graduates, who have studied the program “Electronic system automation” will be capable of solving specific engineering problems using mathematical skills, scientific and technological knowledge that are obtained through the program.
  2. Graduates, will be sensitive and have a tendency of continuously improving oneself, will become creative thinking and successful career growing engineers in a chosen field, be able to aproach to the natural and social phenomenons with the scientific concept 
  3. Graduates will have besides having personal and professional ethics, also be able to responsible, will possess proper communication, team-working and foreign language skills.
  4. Graduates will have professional skills of planning, designing, and implementing solutions of any activity, system and products that meet consumer requirements.


  1. An ability to apply mathematical, science and engineering knowledge on engineering calculation and research. 
  2. An ability to perceive principal of electronic devices and systems.
  3. An ability to write, simulate, and debug program on any system.
  4. An ability to develop a computer aided system using knowledge of industrial automation control and simulation tools.
  5. An ability to choose and apply suitable interface between the systems.
  6. An ability to use, maintain, conduct a service, improve and design electronic devices and measurement devices.
  7. An ability to innovate, design, test electronic devices and systems.
  8. An ability to analyze, determine, and find a solution for engineering issues.An ability to make a positive impact on environment, and society using acquired knowledge, skills, and ethics.
  1. Recognition of the need for self-study and life-long improvements on professional knowledge
  2. An ability to work as a member of a team, and a discipline to successfully finish a project on time.
  3. An ability to effectively communicate with others, and an ability to make self-expression, and leadership.
  4. An ability to read, speak, and write in English on engineering field.
  5. An ability to evaluate global and societal concerns, and importance of engineering solutions.