On behalf of the School of Information and Communication Technology, it is my honor and pleasure to greet our colleagues from national & foreign government institutions, educational and business organizations, all of our alumni and students who will become future leaders as well.

Since the historical period that we have trained the first twenty engineers of communication technology in the 1960's, SICT has prepared thousands of graduates by core programs of information and communication technology.
We are very proud of all our alumni who have achieved much success in their academic, professional, personal lives and are committed to contributing to all social & economic fields.

According to our Development Strategy Roadmap of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology-2021, SICT will take a leap forward to becomea world class research oriented and entrepreneurial university. With this framework, School of Information and Communication Technology is intending to expand multilateral cooperation, broaden research and innovation activities, redesign and improve our academic activities to meet international standards of top universities.

Finally, I am pleased to mention that SICT is always open to students, scholars, organizations who would contribute to pursue our vision and mission.