Information networks and security

Information network professor team, founded under the 196th statement of rector in September 20, 2002, has been educating undergraduate and graduate students in Information network for 13 years according to the MNS5323-69:2009 high education standard, “Special permission for education”.

The total number of undergraduate students of information network in 2014's academic year was about 350 and the bachelor's degrees were awarded to 260 students in 10 graduation cycle. Furthermore, the information network program was locally accredited in 2012.
Information network specialists have been prepared since 2005 and network technology and System security specialists have been prepared since 2014.

According to the reorganization statement of rector in February 01, 2016, we broadened into Information Network and Security Department with 3 doctors, 3 senior lecturers, 7 lecturers, PhD candidates, 2 training master and a professor assistant.

Moreover, Cisco authorized training are conducted by our CCNA and CCNP certified teachers in Cisco