The beginning of the Electronic Department is considered from the time when Information technique and automation faculty in Technical University is divided into two parts as Electronic department in School of Information Technique and Automatic-Electronic department in Computer Science and Management School.

In the past, the departments names were changed several times and after all in 2014 “Electronic technique”, “Digital signal processing and microprocessor technique” and “Computer Hardware” professor teams are joined to establish today's Department of Electronics.

From the time when it was first established in February first of 1991, Department of Electronics prepared nationwide professionals in the automatic-electronics' field and is accredited for “Electronic system automation” program in 2010.

Now, preparing bachelor, master and Ph.D graduates for three major disciplines: Electronic system software, automated system and embedded system.

In the last 30 years, since it was established, the department has been preparing over 2000 bachelors, 200 masters and 20 Ph.D graduates to the Information technology sector.